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In this book, Dr. Jayesh Shah shares cases of patients who have done

extremely well with remedies from the second series of the periodic

table, remedies that –for the most part- have probably been

under-prescribed until now because we did not have a deep

understanding of their core aspects. His comments and analysis of

those cases reveal the essence of remedies in this row, and allow the

reader to understand the subtle differences when one goes from one

column to the next.


Dr. Shah also introduces us to his clear understanding of the issue of

structure in mineral remedies: "It is as if each of these mineral remedies

on the periodic table has a sensation of a certain number attached to it.

This number correlates to the atomic number in the periodic table. As you

go from above down and from left to right in the periodic table the

number increases. The sensation of ‘self-weight’, as I term it, increases.

The amount of ‘self-weight’ or ‘self worth’ of a person is a reflection of the sensation of the structure within a person. There are many criteria that help us determine the structure-experience of a person."

This book provides us with new tools to understand what are those criteria and how to evaluate the ‘self-weight’ of each person so that we can prescribe a remedy that matches this ‘sensation of the structure’. This book is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in refining their understanding of mineral remedies. Dr. Shah’s vast experience, subtle case-taking and unique teaching style are felt throughout the book and will captivate the reader.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran says it best in his foreword to the book: Jayesh brings into his Homeopathy a unique blend of curiosity, inquiry, patience, persistence, all of which arise from a deep and genuine desire to help the person in front of him.

His well-taken cases of remedies from a single row of the periodic table highlight the progress of the row and also the specific place of each element in it. His descriptions are deep and come from close observation and deep thought, carefully weighing and tasting each element as it were. With considerable clinical experience, his attention to detail, strong fundamentals, and painstaking inquiry, these cases and conclusions have a lot of value and will open up this row to all sincere homeopaths. Hopefully, his work on the other rows will soon follow.

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Dr. Shradhdha Shah 




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In a world of extraordinary possibilities, Stone & Star find

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battle the Raven of Un-Certainty, who challenges every step

of Stone's recovery to health. 

Both Stone & Star look forward to meeting you again,

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Stone's adventures would be incomplete without his readers,

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This edition is now a workbook for a seminar in Preventive

Health. The workshop travels around the globe with

the author and her notes from prescription pad.

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